No Should Zone

by Mel Borins

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released October 22, 2012

Words and Music by Mel Borins
except for #6, #10, #12 Words by Mel Borins, Music by Mel Borins and Mitch Girio
#4 Words by Mel Borins, Music by Mitch Girio
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mitch Girio
Produced and performed by Mel Borins and Mitch Girio
except for #6 Violin by Christine Choi
All songs sung by Mel Borins except for
#3 - Sandra Margolese
#4 - Mitch Girio
#12 - Gerry LeBlanc

Cover photo - Roger Harris and Mel Borins

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all rights reserved


Mel Borins Toronto, Ontario

Mel started playing guitar when he was 16. When in High School and University he played in coffee houses, parties and talent shows and anywhere that would have him. He started writing songs in High School. His songs are varied. Folk, rock, country, rap, comedy, children's. Music is a way of sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings. Listen and let him know what you think. ... more

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Track Name: No Should Zone
No Should Zone

Don’t should me
No shoulding me
Stop shoulding me
Leave me alone.
No more critical,
Nor more judging,
No more guilty,
Stop the abuse.


I am tired of hearing your fear.
Should be perfect
Should be busy
Should be wealthy
Should work hard.

I’m not a criminal
I’m not a robber
I’m not a killer
Leave me alone
Leave your shoulds at the door.

I’m only human
Please don’t ask for more.

I’ll never be perfect
No matter how hard I try
Stop pointing your finger
With that look in your eye.

Your not welcome
Stop bugging me
Stop telling me what to do
Stop shoulding on me,
Enough is enough.
Track Name: Possibilities

I‘ve been pretending
That I’m different from you.
I’ve been frightened
That your love’s untrue
When I look in your eyes
I see my joy and my pain
When I look in your eyes
I ‘m made one again
When I look in your eyes
I become whole again
When I look in your eyes
I feel me again.

Once upon a time
When I was small
I felt so frightened
Ran away from it all
I finally stopped running
Running from you
I finally stopped hiding
Our love is true.

We are one
You and me
Who we are
Are possibilities
Laughter, love, creativity
Who we are
Are possibilities

I made up a fairytale
Of my history
I invented a story
Of who I could be
I’m tired of condemning, playing a part
I’m tired of pretending
I don’t have a heart.

We are one
You and me
Who we are
Are possibilities.

Laughter, love, creativity,
Who we are
Are possibilities.

We are one
You and me
Who we are
Are possibilities.
Track Name: Island In The Sun
Island in the Sun

Fruit on the trees,
Sun in the sky.
People smiling and free
As we walk by.
Bananas, mangoes, papayas too,
Weather just right with nothing to do.

Big city life is getting me down,
Can't seem to find my peace of mind anymore.
Pleasure and wealth,
Won't bring me health,
Luxury cars and colour T.V.'s,
Everything so busy I don't have time to breathe.

Take me back to that island in the sun.
Always time to sit and sip coconuts,
Everyone late,
So nice to wait,
Not have to rush.
Not so alone,
When everyone invites you home.
Taking long walks along the shore,
Beaches galore.
Mosquitoes and me,
We're flying free.
Track Name: Wrinkles And Scars

Help me
Accept me,
The way that I am.
Teach me
To Recognize
Things I can’t change

Wrinkles and scars,
We are who we are.
Nobodies perfect,
All got wrinkles and scars.

There’s a part of my soul,
Cruel and cold,
I pick on my frailties
Make me feel bad.

There was a time,
When I was small,
I heard mom and dad,
Fighting down the hall.

Mom and dad,
Don’t be so mad.
Is it something I’ve said?
Something I’ve done.?
It’s all my fault
I am to blame
Something wrong with me
I’m not ok.

Wrinkles and scars
Accept who I am
Nobodies perfect
We all got
Wrinkles and scars.
Track Name: Young Love

They say that we're too young
To know of love,
That we're too young
To be in love,
That we're too young
We just don't know.

They laugh at us,
And call us fools.
They say we're just
Two kids in school,
And that we've got to grow up,
Then we'll know.

All I know,
Is whenever we are apart,
The feeling breaks my heart,
And it hurts me so
To be away from you.

When we are together,
We can face the world together,
We can laugh and sing,
And love the whole day through.
Though people smile at us,
And say it's only puppy love,
I know that this love is real,
For you and me.

Because I see
The happy look upon your face,
The moment that we embrace,
Together there is not a trace
Of sadness.

And as the years grow older,
We will always stay together,
And show the world that our love is strong.
And we won't have to be afraid,
To be so young and so in love,
And try to prove that everyone is wrong.

Age doesn't matter,
When you find somebody who,
You know is the right one for you,
Your age don't mean that
You can't be in love.
Track Name: Curtain Call

I wish I could stop the clock from turning
Make each hour last a year
How can I stop from growing older
Make my wrinkles disappear

Slow the time
Make it last
Life is speeding
Far too fast

Can’t afford to go to bed too early
Sleeping is such a waste of time
Got to be busy doing something
Doing nothing is such a crime

All my life
I’ve been a prisoner in a cage
Running round
Like a rat in a maze

Final chapter in the story
Sure thought that I could do it all
Can’t believe I’m getting older
Still time for one last curtain call

Walking slow
Turning gray
Hopes and dreams
Fade away