Mel Sings

by Mel Borins

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released October 22, 1993

All songs written by Mel Borins M.D. except
Peace, Love and Healing music by Eliot Nile,
words by Mel Borins
All songs sung by Mel Borins except
Peace, Love and Healing sung by Eliot Nile
Produced by Mel Borins and Eliot Nile
Recorded at Punch City

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all rights reserved


Mel Borins Toronto, Ontario

Mel started playing guitar when he was 16. When in High School and University he played in coffee houses, parties and talent shows and anywhere that would have him. He started writing songs in High School. His songs are varied. Folk, rock, country, rap, comedy, children's. Music is a way of sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings. Listen and let him know what you think. ... more

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Track Name: Peace, Love And Healing

Love is the healing gift of our soul,
Unselfish acceptance, becoming truly whole,
Love breathes joy, and love breathes hope,
Love breathes endless possibilities,
Love connects us all, and fills our lives with harmony.

A newborn takes her first breath, and screams out her first cry,
An old man sighs deeply, says goodbye and closes his eyes.
Life cycles ever turning, spinning round and round,
No one lives forever, we are all spirit bound.

We have all made mistakes, and have scars deep inside,
The ones we love have hurt us, we feel shame we try to hide,
Forgiveness is the answer, to heal our soul,
Share your pain with others, forgive and let go.

To heal is to restore, sickness into health,
Each one of us is special, celebrate your true self,
Medicine can help you, and healers show you the way,
Your mind, body and spirit, growing more whole each day.

Believe in your power, to transform the path you're on,
You have the potential to take change and become strong,
Miracles still happen, no time to hesitate,
Believe in your power, it's not to late.
Track Name: Worried About Love

I've had a problem and I've had it for years,
I worry about love,
I all full of fears.
I worry bout the future,
I'm sad about the past,
I'm afraid our kind of love just won't last.

I worry bout love[2]
I worry bout love[2]

Each time I ask you out for a date,
I sit by the phone wondering if I'll be too late,
Will you be busy, will you have other plans,
Will you be running round with some other man?

I worry bout love[2]
I worry bout love[2]
I look at all the girls passing me by,
I wonder if I'll be the only guy,
Without a partner, without a wife,
All the best ones picked, no lover for life.

Don't know what to say don't know what to do,
Don't know how I should try to kiss you,
I feel so jealous, I get so shy,
I get so nervous that you'll find some other guy,
I get so jealous when you talk to other men,
I'm nervous that they'll end up more than friends.
Outside I'm big, outside I'm strong,
Inside I'm just a scared child on the run,
Adjust my smile, fix my hair,
Look in the mirror and wonder if you still care.
Will you be there? Will you still care?
Years from now will you still be here?

I worry about love,
Yes I'm worried bout love.
I'm worried, worried, worried, worried about love.
Track Name: Out Of My Mind

I look into your eyes, and I see my face,
And the grass and the trees behind me.
I feel your heart as we embrace,
And it feels like it's beating inside me.

I can't get you out of my mind,
I think about you all the time,
You're the last image when I close my eyes,
You're the first picture when I arise.

You and I are one, we merge, we melt,
We vibrate together.
We're connected through our hearts,
We're whole, one soul,
Our passion lives on forever.

I can't get you out of my mind,
I think about you all the time,
Even though we're miles apart,
Your energy heats up my heart.
We are souls together,
United in love.

As I look into your eyes, I stare for hours,
To the rest of the world I'm blind.
I memorize the lines that map your face,
The shape of your mouth, your lips,
And I can't get you out of my mind.

I can't get you out of my mind,
I think about you all the time,
You’re the last image when I close my eyes,
You're the first picture when I arise.
I can't get you out of my mind,
I can't get you out of my mind.
Track Name: Dreams

Lock your eyes into your head,
Plant yourself into your small wee bed,
And come with me on a journey far and wide,
Hop onto my dream and with me you can fly,
Let your mind go and on a journey we can ride,
Grab hold tight to your pillow and on a journey we can ride.

Flying on nocturnal thoughts with no reality,
Close your eyes come along see the dreams with me,
Visions of forgotten joy the past appears forever,
Awaiting future merriment, the future life we'll see,
Past treasure and future pleasures, a mental jubilee,
Cuddle up warm and see the dreams with me.

The floral fashions fill the air and fall far from the ground,
Broken shoots and scattered leaves are swirling round and round,
And as you leap into the air and freedom sings a song,
You want to laugh in tears of joy,
And cry in smiles of glee,
You want to break, you want to burst and dance in ecstasy,
You can't hold back, it's too late,
So come along with me.

Unrelenting legacies are leaping from the past,
Unrestrained childhood scenes are fleeting fast at last,
Bursting blindly, imaginated world of innocence,
Untouched by society our childish mind can soar,
In a made up world of fairy tales and fallacies galore
So come along with me,

And together we'll explore.
Track Name: How Can I Explain?
How Can I Explain?

How can I explain
The ideas flying across my brain?
Can't you hear them?
They're oh so loud,
And it seems as though,
I have to cry,
To find out why,
I love you.

Life is not easy,
I've heard it said.
I remember lying across
Your bed,
Crying in your arms,
Listening to the sounds,
Of your tears falling on mine.

I've been gone for oh so long,
But now I'm back where I belong.
Together now we know,
That time will let us grow
Track Name: Faces

The faces that go by me,
Are newly discovered,
They’re fresh, they’re golden,
Capturing my heart.
And the people that are with me,
Though really not the best group,
Are better than I’ve ever had before,
And so I say:

That to limit the people,
You live with and grow with,
Will put you in a prison
Growing smaller every day.
Though it’s easy to play safely,
And never try a new thing
Your life will be an old thing
Before you’re turning gray.

What a surprise,
To feel close to you,
To feel one with you,
To feel something deep inside.
Who would have thought,
That on a night like this,
We‘d end up being,
Being more than friends.

Track Name: Afghanistan

We heard about your scary folk,
Bandits everywhere.
Dirty water full of germs,
We would always be in fear.
We planned to stop for just two days,
We worried for our lives.
We ended up staying two long weeks,
You opened up our eyes.

Afghanistan your strange and haunting land,
Took me by surprise.
Afghanistan,not sure I understand,
You opened up our eyes.

Eight hours on a minibus,
Traveling through the heat.
Squashed and crushed by native men,
Thermos at our feet.
Through desert towns and mountain roads,
We thought this trip would never end,
Then we saw Bamion,
You know we'd do it all again.

Vested men and veiled woman,
Riding horses and mules,
Shirts and gloves,
Leather and drums,
Madly shopping in Kabul.
Glacier lakes,
Five shades of blue,
Sleeping in yurts,
Yoghurt and rice,
"Don't pay that price",
Afghanistan-I'll be back again.
Track Name: My Best Friend
MY BEST FRIEND (You Keep Me Fed)

You keep me fed,
You play nice in bed,
And say things that give me a swelled head.

When I get down,
You act like a clown,
And kick me in the face,
If I dare start to frown.

You make it easy to love you baby,
You're making it hard to be apart.
We're learning the meaning of loving,
I've got more feeling in my heart.

You sleep well at night,
You snore with delight,
At least once a month,
We have a good fight.

We're growing apart and together,
One and one make one.
This journey is so exciting,
Living together is fun.