Grade Thirteen

by Mel Borins

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released October 22, 2012

All songs written by Mel Borins M.D.
All songs sung by Mel Borins M.D. except
Crying Inside sung by Rob Kennedy
Produced by Mel Borins M.D.and Rob Kennedy
Recorded at Aldecrest Studios

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all rights reserved


Mel Borins Toronto, Ontario

Mel started playing guitar when he was 16. When in High School and University he played in coffee houses, parties and talent shows and anywhere that would have him. He started writing songs in High School. His songs are varied. Folk, rock, country, rap, comedy, children's. Music is a way of sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings. Listen and let him know what you think. ... more

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Track Name: Coming Alive

Tried to run, I've been trying to hide,
Pressure in my chest, feelings bursting inside,
Neck stiff and tight, elastic band round my brain,
So out of control, feels like I'm going insane.

Went to the doctor, here's what she said,
“You've been living inside your head,
You have to let go, or you won't grow.
You need to forgive, so you can live.”

I started to cry, scenes flooding my mind,
Images so vivid,
It was like it was happening again, just like the first time.
I cried the tears, felt the pain,
Went through the hurts, again and again.

A voice started talking to me,
Saying, “It's all right,
You're still alive, the sun is shining outside.
The worst is over, you've survived,
The worst is over, you're alive.”

Coming alive, I can feel me,
Finally free, I can feel me.
Track Name: Doorbell Rings

Five o'clock running home,
Bolting the door, taking off the phone,
Pull the drapes shut , find a place to hide,
Sit still use my inside eyes.

Desk full of books scattered everywhere,
Answers to questions don't seem to appear,
Too busy thinking to feel what's inside,
Need a spirit guide, a spirit guide.

The doorbell rings, the baby cries,
Too busy working, to wonder why.
Long-distance calls, friends drop in,
No time to look within.

Not very good at saying no,
Turning my back, closing the door,
Saying yes all the time, isn't good for the soul,
Need boundaries, boundaries.

Seven billion people in the world today,
Laughing and loving in their own special way,
Everyone wants a place to call home,
A safe place to lay their head.
Track Name: Oh Canada

There's many a long road
That still needs traveling.
There's many flowing rivers
Awaiting there.
There's many tall trees
That still need growing
And they 're part of this great Canada


Oh Canada, Oh Canada,
Country of our dreams.

There is unseen wonders
In the great Northern plains.
There's fertile fields
Just waiting to be planted
There's a rising spirit
That's ready to fly
And it's part of the heart of Canada.


Terre d'espoir,
Pays de reve,
Patrie d'emigres,
Cherchons la liberte.
Une multitude,
Uni comme un,
Ensemble creons notre Canada.


Oh Canada Oh Canada
Pays de reve.

This land is still young,
And it's growing restless.
It's growing with the youth,
o are growing with the times.
The time has come
To join hands together,
And build this land Canada.
Track Name: Grade Thirteen

I don't care, I don't care.
How many people stare and glare their eyes at me,
Foolish faces filled with stupidity,
And when they open their fat lips
Out slips triteless ambiguity,
It just don't bother me,
I don't care,
If they all fade out the door,
I don't care if they bother me no more,
I don't care this life is such a bore,
I don't care.

I'm not free, I'm not free,
When everyone has a hand in what I do,
When I can't say the things I want to say,
I must run away,
Before I'm sucked and swallowed by the leeches that surround me,
I'm not free when I can't see truth all the time,
I'm not free when I'm infected with the blind,
I'm not free when my mind's not worth a dime,
I'm not free.

I don't know, I'm not sure,
That everything is what it seems to be,
That homemade dreams can't give me what I want to see,
What's reality?
To those of us who know that life is for the dead,
And when you try to live,
You find the world won't give you life,
But only stab you with a knife in the back,
Life is black,
I'm not sure that reality's not a vice,
I'm not sure that truth is worth the price,
I'm not sure that playing dead's not nice,
I don't know, I'm not sure, I don't care.
Track Name: Crying Inside
Crying Inside

Crying inside,
I don't know why I've been crying inside,
I don't know why I've been
Lying inside,
Dying inside.
I don't know why I've been crying inside.

Screaming inside,
I've been angry inside,
I've been fearful inside,
Guilty inside.
I don't know why I've been screaming inside.

Tears are falling,
But I can't feel the pain,
It feels like rain,
I block out the pictures in my brain.
Me is unreal,
I can't feel.
Me is unreal.

Went to the doctor,
Here's what she said,
A part of you is dead,
You've been living in your head,
You need to forgive,
So you can live,
You have to let go,
Or you won't grow.

Tried to run,
Tried to hide,
All the feelings bursting inside,
Pain of deaths,
Hurts of deceit,
All those painful memories.

I cried the tears, I felt the pain,
Went through the hurts again and again.
I learned to trust,
Learned to believe,
Learned to finally feel me.
Finally free, I can feel me.
Track Name: Missing You

Missing you since you said goodbye
Missing you watching you cry
I don't know why we died
Missing you

Tears in your eyes
Boarding that plane
Looking over your shoulder at me
One last time again
Missing you.

Finding my fingers
Dialing your number
Just to hear your voice
On your answering machine
Again and again,
I'm missing you

Reading your letters
Stuffed in my drawer
Over and over
Telling me
Our love's forever
I'm craving you.
Missing you.

Some crazy thought stuck in my brain,
Won't let me see any scene without you,
I feel lost,
I feel betrayed,
Every plan I made
Included you
Tell me why
You said goodbye
So suddenly
Tell me why
I don't have a clue
I'm craving you
I hunger for you.
I'm longing for you
I'm missing you.
Track Name: Waiting For You To Smile

I've been waiting for you to smile
But all I hear, all I hear is crying.
You came to this world with bright open eyes
I know you're full of surprises inside.
I've been waiting for you to smile
But all I hear is crying.

I watch you grow and change
Hoping one day, maybe one day you'll call my name.
But all I have is sleepless nights
All I see is a room full of dirty diapers.

It hurts me to hear you cry
But I know deep down inside
We're going to celebrate your smiles.
And all your screams and fears
Will be balanced by your laughs
Have no fear (Marc dear).

I've been waiting for you to smile
But all I hear is crying.
Track Name: Kent State
Kent State

One night I was dreaming,
Safe in my home.
I saw on the T.V.
A strange kind of show.
They showed me some soldiers,
And they showed me some kids,
And you know you would be dreaming,
If you saw what they did.

And they all were good men,
And they all had wives,
They fired on children,
And took their lives.

My friends were marching,
They were carrying flags.
They were talking of fighting,
Going on in some strange far off land.
Then I saw some shooting,
And saw heard scary tale sounds,
My friends they were screaming,
They were falling to the ground.

Now call it what you may,
And explain what you can,
But it's hard to find reason,
In an unreasonable land.
I've got four dead friends who wanted to say,
Please stop this fighting,
People are getting killed every day.