Don't Quit Your Day Job

by Mel Borins

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released October 22, 2012

All songs, lyrics and music by Mel Borins except
Beat Like The Ocean music by Ken O'Gorman
Last Time music by David Borins and Mel Borins

All songs sung by Mel Borins

One, River, You Remind Me, Songbird produced by Phil Emond

We're Here, Gropings produced by Rusty McCarthy

Fourth Of July, Travelin', Rain In The City, Rock Bottom, Footsteps, Beat Like The Ocean, Eye To Eye, Want To Help, The Road, Last Time produced by Ken O'Gorman

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all rights reserved


Mel Borins Toronto, Ontario

Mel started playing guitar when he was 16. When in High School and University he played in coffee houses, parties and talent shows and anywhere that would have him. He started writing songs in High School. His songs are varied. Folk, rock, country, rap, comedy, children's. Music is a way of sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings. Listen and let him know what you think. ... more

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Track Name: One

Running away,
Turning my back,
Hiding my eyes
Everything’s black,
Head in the sand,
Heart on hold,
People I love left out in the cold.

What a relief,
To close my eyes,
Feel me inside,
In touch with my guide.
Unlock the chains,
Open the door,
Search in my soul.
My spirit is whole.

Making the time,
To sit all alone,
No clock on the wall,
Don’t need a phone,
Watching my thoughts,
Letting them pass,
All by myself,
Peaceful at last.

A speck in the sky,
So far away,
A grain in the sand,
Washed by the waves,
So tiny and small
No ego at all
Oneness in side,
Stillness in side,
Track Name: We're Here

No need to say a word
No need to shout out loud
No need to worry
I'm here
And I'll always be around somewhere.

I am everything,
All life is me,
I can touch you in the air,
To be or not to be is everywhere.

Connect on that higher plane,
Inside we're all the same,
Part of the greater whole,
Together all one soul.

Eternally, we are one,
Trust with open eyes,
End lies,
The truth shall set you free

It's good to be alive,
Feeling so much inside,
My mind and my body so clear,
No fear,
No fear to be alone,
We're here.
Track Name: Fourth Of July

It was the fourth of July
Was getting ready for a date
Her name was Joanne
I was shaving.

I heard my momma cry out
Thought she was laughing
I ran down the stairs
Found him lying on the floor.

Feels like a dream
Can't be happening to me
Feels so unreal
God help me please.


Called the doctor
The ambulance came
Siren through the streets
Me in the front seat

The time seemed so slow
At last the hospital
What are we going to do
What are we going to do.



I grew up that day
Became a man
No father behind
To shelter the world

How fragile is life
How fleeting our time
Every second counts
The only time is now.
Track Name: Traveling

Where I lay my weary head,
And make my lonely bed,
Makes no difference to me.
I was born to roam,
I’ve never known a home,
I just keep traveling on.

The moment I was born,
From the womb I was torn,
To travel around with no end.
I live on the run,
Following the sun,
Never knowing where I’ll lay my head.

Tomorrow at the break of day,
I’ll set on my weary way,
Singing as I travel along .
Don’t you cry over me,
I love to be free,
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are you stuck in a rut,
Getting itchy feet,
Taste the smell of freedom everywhere.
Follow your bliss,
Give your house a goodbye kiss,
Hit the road and saddle up your horse.
Track Name: Beat Like The Ocean

I beat like the ocean
Blown by the breeze
Warmed by the sun
Breathe like the trees

My dreams take me traveling
My thoughts are my wings
I lay my head down
My soul starts to sing

I have visions
Spirit and oneness
Believe in the future
Nothing can stop me
Power and purpose
Voyage of hope
Journey of faith
Go on forever

Rolling, falling, floating with the waves,
Shooting stars sparkling across the sky,
Reach out, join hands
Hug me so tight.
Breathe slow
Let go
Reach for the light
Remember everything’s all right.

Birds singing,
Rainbows chase clouds away
Fragrant flowers
Sunset ends the day,

Pulse is leaping,
My mind is so clear
I feel connected
Without a trace of fear

Rushing roaring noisy waterfalls,
Butterflies dancing as they soar.
Reach out, join hands
Hug me so tight.
Breathe slow
Let go
Reach for the light
Remember everything’s all right.
Track Name: Songbird

I was walking in the forest
When I heard a songbird sing.
It came up to me so I caught it
And put it in a cage.
I loved to sit and watch it
Loved to hear the songbird sing.


A bird in the cage is half a bird.
A bird that can't fly is half a bird.

I fed it
Gave it water
Even cleaned it's cage.
Loved to sit and watch it
Loved to hear the songbird sing.

Few months later I went walking
And I heard a songbird sing.
Watched it soar in the sky
Watched it spread it's lovely wings.

Freedom, Freedom
A bird in the cage is half a bird.

One morning I woke up
The songbird didn't sing.
Checked it's food
Checked it's water
But the songbird didn't sing.
Track Name: The Road

Riding down the road
Lampposts rolling by
Got my foot right to the floor
But I just can’t seem to fly.
I’ve been pushing this machine
As fast as it will go
But when you’re going nowhere special
You kinda hate to go nowhere slow.

People pointing
Telling me where to turn
Keep following other people’s paths
But I just can’t seem to learn.
Looking for directions
Can’t seem to find my way
Teachers and gurus
Keep leading me astray.

Endless highways
So many different trails
Getting kinda tired
Feeling kinda frail
Lonely road
So many curves and bends
No matter how many miles I go
Can’t seem to find the end.

Losing sight of my dream
Don’t know what’s ahead
All I see is blackness
My future’s looking dead
Too dangerous to stop
Don’t dare to turn around
So I just keep pushing harder
Afraid to slow down.
Track Name: Last Time

If I knew it was the last time,
I’d see you fall asleep,
I would tuck you in more tightly,
And kiss you on the cheek.

If I knew it was the last time,
You’d walk out our door,
I would hug and kiss you tenderly,
And call you back for more.


Life is so fragile,
Our life hangs on a thread,
One moment we’re laughing and singing,
Next second we are dead.

If I knew it was the last time,
I’d hear you laugh that way,
I would tape your every sound,
And play it back day after day.

If I knew it was the last time,
I’d ever see your eyes,
I would capture them with my camera,
And save it for all time.

Fading memories,
Give me one more chance.
How quickly it’s over,
Give me one last chance.

Standing on the graveyard,
Clutching the side of your stone.
If I only knew how cold I’d be,
I would never have left you alone.