Changes EP

by Mel Borins

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Nothing stays the same.

Mel Borins

Behaviour changes come from dissatisfaction. An old behaviour is just not working. There is distress, pain, deterioration and an awareness that you can no longer continue in the same way. An acknowledgement of the need to change is the first step.

Then there is a dreaming, goal setting, fantasizing of what the new behaviour will be and how the process will take place. Leaving an old behaviour consists of saying goodbye and mourning the way things were. In the beginning of transition, there are many obstacles. Lack of faith, fears, denial is some of the roadblocks that get in the way. Once someone is on the road of change there are many feelings like fear, anger and sadness that emerge.

Sometimes a healer can serve as a tour guide, educator, catalyst, facilitator, slave driver and support to the person during the transition. The path is not straight. There are setbacks, relapses, detours and pitfalls. Usually insight, new awareness, learning, discovery and growth take place. A new behaviour begins and after 3-4 months of consistent new behaviour, a new pattern becomes embedded. There can still be relapses, slips and sometimes even going back to the beginning. Successful change becomes integrated as part of the person. It’s just a matter of time before new change will endure.
I wrote a trilogy about change


released December 11, 2013

Mel Borins - vocals, guitar, additional orchestration
Mitch Girio - guitars, bass, drum programming, orchestration, backing vocals



all rights reserved


Mel Borins Toronto, Ontario

Mel started playing guitar when he was 16. When in High School and University he played in coffee houses, parties and talent shows and anywhere that would have him. He started writing songs in High School. His songs are varied. Folk, rock, country, rap, comedy, children's. Music is a way of sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings. Listen and let him know what you think. ... more

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Track Name: Changes part 1
Changes part 1
(Mel Borins)

My eyes were closed and I was hurting.

Head in the sand wishing for a change,

The road I'm on is a dead end.

It's time to make a change

I've got to make a change.

Time to shed my old skin

Spread my wings and leave my cocoon

Break out of the chains wrapped around my brain

It's time to make a change

Time to change

Open my eyes so confused

So many paths don't know which way to turn

Time to let go

I need to make a change
Time for me to change

I began to crawl

On my hands and knees

Tried to stand but just fell down

Finally stood on my own two feet again

On my own two feet again.
Track Name: Changes part 2
Changes part 2
(Mel Borins)

Finally stood on my own two feet
Felt so good to walk again
Tiny steps, winding path,
Lost in the fog, hard to see ahead

Three steps forward, two steps back
I felt like giving up, but I pushed on
Came to a bridge, old and dangerous
I crossed it anyway, darkness fell

Climb round and round
Climb round and round
Climb round and round
The endless mountain
So many guides helped me find my way
Climb to the top
Victorious, fist in the air
My head held high
Track Name: Changes part 3
Changes part 3 (Change Is So Difficult)
(Mel Borins)

The only change I ever made is the change inside my heart

First step to make a change is to dream a brand new start

Change is so difficult

All begins by letting go

Reach out and trust

Stick your neck out

Sunshine on a rainy day rainbow lights the sky

Trees by and flowers everywhere birds waving as they fly

Change is so difficult

All begins with one small step

Have faith and trust

Stick your neck out